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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the contract?

Most Contracts are 48 months. If you make all your payments on time we will sign over the title.

How much is the payment?

It depends on the vehicle that you pick out, but generally our payments range from  $325 up to 500 per month. Another great feature of our program is that everything is included in your payment. 

What is the down payment amount?

You will be required to pay an origination fee ranging from $500 to $5,000. It all depends on the vehicle that you pick .

Is there miles restrictions?

The average American drives 20,000 miles per year. So we have included a 20,000 mile per year allowance at no additional charge. If you drive more than that, we can add extra mileage into your contract for an additional charge.

What if I don't have good credit?

We don’t care. We don’t even run your credit! We understand what has happened in our economy in the past several years, and we also understand how it has affected credit ratings. We know that sometimes bad things happen to good people. All you need to be approved is what is shown in our ad. GUARANTEED!

Is this like a car lot where I will end up with a junk car that I don't want?

Absolutely not! We feature nice, late-model vehicles that you will take pride in driving. YOU pick the vehicle that you want to drive.